Bowl Camp

Our Bowl Camp is an exciting program taking place in every AMF these Autumn School Holidays!

What is Bowl Camp?

Bowl Camp is a fun filled, informative and supportive program for kids to learn how to bowl. 

Starting at 9am, the class will receive bowling tips from our friendly and experienced bowling team. Participants will learn everything, from the bowling basics including how to hold the ball, where to stand on the lane as well as tips and tricks for hitting that perfect strike. The class will then have the opportunity to put what they’ve learnt into practice with two games of Bowling.

We’ll supply the kids with some of our yum food from the café to refuel– jaffles and a pop top juice…. delicious!

The fun doesn’t stop there... Next stop we let the kids loose on the arcade! After a day of healthy active fun, it’s time to wind down and play some classic best-loved arcade games.

If your local venue has a Laser Tag area, we will substitute one game of Bowling for an exciting session of Laser Tag!

Bowl Camp Details

When – Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
Time – 9.00am to 12.00pm
Where – Your local AMF Venues
Cost - $28.00 per person
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