Birthday Party Extras

Add Yum to the Fun! 

There’s no party like an AMF Party! AMF is “The Home of Birthday Parties” for a reason and that is because AMF knows how to put the PARTY into birthday parties! If you’re look at booking your birthday party but want to add extras on top, AMF have exactly what you need.  

AMF Candy Caddy (Lolly Tray)

Don’t have time to be making lolly bags? Don’t fret, AMF has you covered.
Introducing the AMF Candy Caddy (Lolly Tray). Each guest helps themselves to a delicious selection of Sour Crawlers & AMF Party Mix. The shared AMF Candy Caddy is just $40.

Did you say cake?

  • 100s and 1,000s Ice Cream Cake $25
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Cake $40

Food, glorious food is prepared to share (Serves 10)

All parties come with a meal choice but why not add some delicious shareables to feed the crowd. We have platters to impress all your guests and feed the hungry additions that drop by. 
  • New York sliders with cheese & pickles $60 (10 pieces)
  • Potato Bar – assorted wedges, fries & chips (V) $29 (3 trays)
  • Deli style sandwich board (V OPTIONS INCLUDED) $55 (26 pieces)
  • Chilli beef nachos (GF) $45 (2 trays)
  • Assorted sushi rolls with soy dipping sauce (V OPTIONS INCLUDED) $40 (30 pieces)
  • Crispy prawn gyoza served with dipping sauce $35 (20 pieces)
  • Beef meatballs in basil napolitana sauce $40 (40 pieces)
  • Grilled haloumi, mushroom & chimichurri sliders (V) $60 (10 pieces)
  • Cigar spring rolls with plum dipping sauce (V) $25 (10 pieces)
  • Smoky BBQ Memphis chicken wings $55 (18 pieces)

Add Extra “WOW!” Factor

Thank you guests for coming and having a great time with out AMF Showbag. Available with any package when booking online.

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