How to bowl like a kung fu master

Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3 has already come out in a cinema near you, and if you didn't already love this crime-fighting, food-loving, noodle-slurping Panda, it's high time you jumped on that bandwagon.

We saw a little of what we might expect at the end of Kung Fu Panda 2, and now we know that Po will continue his hilarious journey on to becoming a kung fu master, all the while with his fabulous Furious Five at his side. And now, with his biological father in the mix, too. Expect to see fight scenes that the guys from The Matrix would be proud of, plenty more of this giant panda's goofy antics and heroism, and of course, more food.

If there's one thing we've learned from Po and his seemingly crazy exploits, it's that you can always aim to be the best you can be, and that you really can do anything (if a giant, lazy panda can learn kung fu, you can definitely bowl a strike!).

That time when Po visited AMF Bowling

Long before Po discovered his aptitude for kung fu, he discovered a path of growth at one of our AMF Bowling Centres. Obviously, it's not often that a giant panda strolls into our alleyways, so we remember the event surprisingly well.

When Po first came in, he refused to wear bowling shoes, couldn't figure out how to hold the ball, kept slipping on the lanes, landed the ball in the gutter nine times out of 10, and then we found him devouring a made-to-be-shared Mexican tasting plate all to himself. Safe to say, it wasn't the most promising first experience.

Of course, we stepped in. We taught him why bowling shoes help your game (they allow you to slide), how to hold the ball (paws aren't ideal for this, but we got there), why he should avoid standing on the lanes (they're slippery), and that aiming actually really does help make the ball go down the middle. Plus, we helped him eat his next tasting plate.

Cue the montage music, because this indentity-confused panda just wasn't giving up.

Po spent hours in the alley working on his technique. He figured out his victory dance way before he got his first strike (it was kind of like a jiggly Gangnam style groove), then forgot all about it and jumped up and down when he did score that perfect 10. We'll admit that the first one was a fluke, but soon after, he was only missing a strike one time out of every 10.

We're not saying that his success in being a kung fu master bowler has anything to do with his success in real kung fu, but we're not prepared to rule out the possibility entirely.

Now that Po has found his real father, we're hoping to see the whole gang in for some family-friendly sport that doesn't involve beating people up (although it does involve shooting them in laser tag), and one that doesn't actually matter whether you become a master at all.