DreamWorks Launch Party


Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose Kung-Fu  - er, we mean, bowling skills - were the stuff of legend. Okay, so you may not be the long prophesied dragon warrior like Po from Kung-Fu Panda, but that doesn't mean you can't have an epic, hero-worthy ten pin bowling or laser tag adventure.

DreamWorks Animation is responsible for some of the best animated films our children (and let's be honest, ourselves) have ever had the pleasure of watching. From Shrek and Madagascar to How to Train Your Dragon and Home, these movies have been bringing families buckets of fun for over a decade - so what better way to celebrate your child’s birthday than with a day at AMF, dedicated to their favourite DreamWorks Animation characters?

A DreamWorks Animation party pack is guaranteed to give your kid and all his or her friends the time of their lives. Choose from two games of bowling, two games of laser tag or one of each, add a delicious meal and 10 arcade tokens, not to mention exciting DreamWorks Animation goodie bags, and your child's birthday party is bound to meet all your “Shrekspectations.”

Party run down

Guests will be greeted by our fun-loving AMF party hosts, who will mingle with the children while the party parents pay, discussing favourite movies, characters and lines of dialogue.

Check yourself before you Shrek yourself

Before the kids jump onto the bowling lane they need to understand that, like an onion, bowling has layers. Before the fun and games begin, some ground rules need to be established. Our party hosts will make sure that each and every child understands the safety briefing so that a fun time is had by all. After this, it's time to get fitted for bowling shoes.

Lastly, there is the presentation of the party hero cape to the birthday child, which he or she can wear as they swoop around the bowling lanes or the laser arena. 

For those who like to move it, move it

Now the real fun begins! Moving onto the bowling alley, hosts will help guests choose the appropriate ball size and a new name from a list of DreamWorks characters. These are the names that will be keyed into the score screens. From this point onwards, each child must pretend to be their character, making the games infinitely more entertaining.

Hosts will work hard to ensure that everyone has fun, not just the kids who are good at ten pin bowling. Games will include things like bowling with your feet together like a penguin or giving your best roar, like Alex the Llion. Each child will receive prizes such as glow stick necklaces, jumbo DreamWorks Animation pencils and temporary tattoos.

That'll do Donkey, that'll do

After much deep and profound brain things inside his head, Madagascar's King Juliean has decided to thank you for celebrating this birthday at AMF. And, to make you feel good, he is going to give you a lovely parting gift. Each child will receive a DreamWorks-themed party bag, which includes a ruler, eraser, sharpener, pencil case, yoyo, sticker sheets and badges all in a lunch bag.
Once each guest has their goodie bag, it's time to round everything up with some fun at the arcade. Hosts will give each child their party tokens, explain how they're used and then let them play whatever games their little hearts desireheart’s desire.

Alas, the DreamWorks Animation adventure is ogre now. But don't fret! You can stop by AMF any time for an enjoyable day of games and bowling.