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About Us

We are forging ahead to deliver the best bowling inspired family entertainment to the Australian public.


We've got some of the best arcades, skill testers, and prizes in the country and they’re all waiting for you to get your trigger fingers on them.

Game Reviews

We've got some awesomely brilliant games in our centres, some you may have played before and some you haven't. So we've decided to start reviewing all of our games so you guys can see what we've got out there in AMF land.

Pro gamers

If you're looking to immerse yourself in the full gaming experience then look no further than our good friends at Playtime, Galactic Circus and City Amusements for an awesome arcade adventure.

High Scores

This page is for all those gamers out there who dedicate hours of their time to achieving the ultimate accolade of being No. 1, the best of the best. Here’s to our High Scorers!


Find the latest specials and offers for amusement and arcades at AMF Bowling Australia.


Tickets are so 2014! We’ve started to think a little more responsibly about the environment and we’ve introduced a non-ticket arcade redemption system called Playcard!

Sink It

The influence of American popular culture is everywhere and now the ultimate college party favourite "beer pong" has been made into a super addictive redemption game called Sink It. Please note no alcohol or streaking in the quad required to play game.

Lobster Robot

Who doesn't love lobster? The only problem is it's so expensive, but not at AMF it isn't! You can have loads of lobster for just the price of one token. Lobster Robot that is.

Dizzy Chicken

Dizzy, my head is spinning, like a whirlpool, it never ends! If you've ever played this game you'll know how much fun it is and that it's a true skill tester!