September School Holidays

School Holiday Original Deal

Referee decisions got you frazzled? Time to wrap up the footy season by bowling it off with the Original Deal these holidays. The offer includes 2 games, shoe hire, 5 arcade credits PLUS a $5 Return Pass. Book a lane and guarantee your game!

School Holiday Original Deal

Offer Details

  • 2 Games of bowling &/or Laser (shoe hire incl.)
  • 5 Arcade Tokens
  • $5 Return Pass
  • Only available during September school holidays

School Holiday Extraordinary Deal

Take it up a notch with our Extraordinary Deal these holidays. The offer includes 2 games shoe hire, 10 arcade credits, mighty bowler meal, showbag of goodies PLUS a $5 Return pass! Book a lane and guarantee your game!

School Holiday Extraordinary Deal

Offer Details

  • 2 Games of bowling &/or Laser (shoe hire incl.)
  • 10 Arcade Tokens
  • $5 Return Pass + Showbag
  • Mighty Bowler Meal
  • Only available during the September school holidays

Bowl camp

School holidays

Bowl Camp

These School Holidays AMF will be running Bowl Camp! A fun vacation care program where your kids will learn how to bowl, meet new people and have a fantastic time!

Spring is a time of bouncy baby lambs, of the glorious end to daylight savings, of hay‚Äč fever, and of the September and October holidays.

And school holidays? School holidays are a time for fun.

Children need time to just be kids, and we might be a little bias here, but we think AMF is where that magic happens - we've even seen adults be kids in our centres ... daily.

AMF for the Spring school holidays

Bundle the kids up for an impromptu adventure or get a whole group together to keep up their social interaction throughout the break and watch what happens once they get inside the doors of AMF.

The M9 Laser Skirmish battlegrounds, available at more than a third of our centres (and counting), are an all-time favourite for little GI Janes and Joes. We fit each child with their own vest and phaser gun, and brief them on their mission - and safety - before they charge into the arena to score as many points as they can for their team. It's a fast-paced game that anyone can play, and a highly sneaky way to get a solid serving of exercise into a couch-loving kid's routine.

And who would have thought knocking over pins could make for such a good sport? It takes strength, hand-eye coordination, style, a bit of practice and a bunch of teamwork. There's nothing quite like the excitement of bowling your first strike! For us, it's like seeing a child take their first steps, and trust us, you don't want to miss their celebratory whooping or epic little dance moves. Then again, that's pretty fun to watch when an adult manages it, too.

Our decked-out arcades keep the excitement on a high note with classic arcade games nestled alongside the latest in video game technology, where the kids can decide their own favourites.

Find the nearest AMF Centre to you and book online for a day out that the kids will still be talking about when they get back to school.

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