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Cookie Blitz Shake

Choc full of fun!

Indulge your taste buds with our Cookie-Blitz Shake after you bowl up an appetite these School Holidays! Come into AMF between 28 March - 1 May to taste the deliciousness... yum!

Fresh. Exciting. Tasty

Enjoy an explosion of tastes and flavours. Try the potato bar and experiment with cheesy toppings or feast the likes of smokey Memphis wings and chilli beef nachos. Try our menu today at selected AMF centres.
AMF Bonus Bites

Extra Savings. Maximum Taste

Treat yourself to $20 of food and drinks for just $15! Enjoy the freedom to choose anything you like and discover our tasty food & drinks with this online exclusive offer.

Explosion of tastes and flavours.

Grab your knives and forks and head to AMF for fresh, exciting and flavour-bombed food & drinks. From share plates, to sweet treats and everything else in between – we’ve got it all. We guarantee you’ll be back on the lanes and ready for round two.

Shared Plates

If you're willing to share, there's more than enough to go around. Try nibbles such as the Italian meatball sliders or waffle fries loaded with chipotle pulled pork and cheese sauce.

Meals for One

Get your hands on a chicken & avocado toastie and make a meal of it with your choice of fries from the potato bar.

Sweet Treats

Follow it all up with  a sundae (available in chocolate, strawberry, or caramel editions), fresh mango berry pavlova sliders or the crowd favourite Nutella pizza.

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Kids Birthday Party

Happy Birthday

Kids Parties

Do you remember your first bowling party? Of course you do. It's one of those rites of passage that every child goes through. Now it's your time to make new memories for your child and their friends.
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Corporate Events

Corporate events don’t have to be awkward, boring and stale occasions. Break the mold and some pins along the way with an event at AMF.
AMF Bowling Careers

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There’s not many people who can say that their job is to create fun…would you like to be one of them…?