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Spicy Spanish Hot Dog and Chips Meal

Check out our new menu!

How good does this hot dog look? It's hotdogalicious! Don't just look at it, come and try it and the rest of our new menu at selected centres. Download the new menu here for a closer look.
Original Burger and Chips Meal

The Original Burger Meal

The original burger meal is the perfect accompaniment to a game of bowling. Just the right amount of food to fuel 10 frames of bowling awesomeness!
Ranch Burger and Chips Meal

Chicken licken good

The Ranch burger is one of our juiciest most succulent burgers with the mixed lettuce, freshly sliced tomato, Spanish onion, avocado and ranch dressing on top. It's a winner winner chicken dinner! Check out our new menu at selected centres.
Sundae and Fundue Fondue Set

Fundae Sundae and Fundue

Our new, delicious desserts are definitely da bomb! If you're not down with the lingo, it means they're amazing! Try our Fundae Sundaes or our hot crispy churros dusted in cinnamon sugar. They're cinnamonbelivably tasty!
Amigos Tasting Plate

Introducing the "Amigos tasting plate"

Add some of our yummy food to your next AMF experience with our online specials. Check out our new menu whilst you're at it. New menu only available in selected centres.


It's the rumbling sound of hungry bowlers, fresh off the alley and looking for something delicious to devour. These athletes have just burned up a good 100-150 calories or so for every 30 minutes they played, and they need sustenance, STAT.

Well, wouldn't you know it, we have just the thing!

Shared meals

If you're willing to share, there's more than enough to go around.

Try nibbles such as the garlic bread, wedges, bruschetta, or the Mexican tasting plate. There's also a seafood platter, a trio of beefy sliders, and tasty roasted chicken on the menu, too.

Meals for one

Our burgers are so good, we reckon we could shut down the bowling and Laser Skirmish and people would come just for them. Alleys and battlegrounds don't make for great dining areas though, so we'll keep them around for a while yet.

Try the beef, cheddar and mustard American burger, or say aloha to the chicken and pineapple aloha burger. There are also beef and onion, ranch grilled chicken and brioche bacon, cheddar and avocado burgers to try. And which options come with fries? All of the above.

Don't feel like a burger? Wrap your lips around a wrap, or enjoy a jaffle. There are also plenty of different hot dog flavours to choose from, as well as loads of other tasty treats.

For the sweet tooth

Follow it all up with warm apple bites (served with caramel fudge sauce), a sundae (available in chocolate, strawberry, or caramel editions), sugary churros and a dipping sauce to match, or a fruit and marshmallow fundue (that's AMF speak for fondue).


Take your pick from hot and cold bevvies including everything from energy drinks and milkshakes to cappuccinos and hot chocolates. And if you can prove that, despite your look of childish glee, you're actually over 18, we've even got a selection of beers, wines, cider, RTDs, and spirits at the bar as well.

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Kids enjoying birthday party at AMF

Happy Birthday

Kids Parties

Do you remember your first bowling party? Of course you do. It's one of those rites of passage that every child goes through. Now it's your time to make new memories for your child and their friends.
Group and corporate event packages


Corporate Events

Corporate events don’t have to be awkward, boring and stale occasions. Break the mold and some pins along the way with an event at AMF.
AMF Bowling centre staff

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There’s not many people who can say that their job is to create fun…would you like to be one of them…?