What do I do if I lose my Live Results Code?

Head back into venue and ask one of our friendly team members and they can re-print your results code or contact us at [email protected]

What do I do if my Live Results Code does not work?

Please contact AMF directly by emailing us at [email protected]

How many people can be in my team?

Your team must consist of 3-6 players. All players must bowl a full game to have their scores considered. Family teams must also include one child under the age of 16.

What do I do if there is an issue with my score?

Please consult a staff member in venue before you leave, this is to ensure your scores are accurate. You will then be provided with your correct Live Results Code.

When is the last day I can enter?

A Live Result Code must be entered before midnight on Sunday the 13 of August 2017.

What if my team score is not visible on the leaderboard?

Please contact AMF directly by emailing us at [email protected]com.au

You can see the full Terms & Conditions here.