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Family Fun

$2,500 cash prize to be won. Does your family love a battle? If the answer is yes (and if your family has at least one child under 16), then this category is for you! No bumpers allowed for players over 12.

Friendly Feud

$3,500 cash prize to be won. The fiercer your clash, the higher your chances of winning as a team! Gather your mates, secure a lane and hopefully be rewarded for your efforts.

Heavyweight Performers

$5,000 cash prize to be won. Shrinking violets need not apply, this category is for the hardcore bowlers or for those who turn up and have luck on their side! No bumpers allowed!

Surprise Smackdown

Even if you're not a pro at bowling, we have weekly prizes for all types of skills. Whether it be the score, name of your team or for simply turning up and having a bowl, you must be in it to win it!

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