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The DreamWorks party animals have taken over the lanes! Our party package includes all your favourite DreamWorks Heroes, plus you get the special extras that will make your party fit for a King ... or Queen!
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We're so convinced we're "The home of Birthday parties" we trademarked it! Yep the little TM is legit, we're official, we're the place Birthdays parties put on important forms when asked for their place of residence!
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Teen Parties

Being a teen is tricky enough without having to worry about what to do for your birthday! Just book your birthday online, invite your buddies and leave the rest to us. Check out our awesome packages below, one game bowling or laser starting from just $24.90pp.
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How to have an awesome teen party

Get your Instagram filters ready, because having a teen par-tay at AMF is an epic fun-filled extravaganza!
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DreamWorks Birthday Parties

Teen Birthday Parties

There are approximately 1.1 million 12-18 years olds in Australia, according to the Australian Institute of Families Studies.

Now, considering that each one of them has a birthday every year, that's rather a lot of teen parties to be celebrated.

The same source also tells us that the top four priorities for both young lads and lasses are: keeping fit, getting more education, having lots of friends, and sports and hobbies. We won't be handing out homework assignments any time soon, but we’ve got the other three.

Adolescent birthday parties are something of an AMF speciality, with bowling lanes, Laser Skirmish, arcade games and food to feed the hungry mobs to boot. Here's how it works.

Teens Party Packages

For $24.90 per person, you get one game of either Laser Skirmish or bowling. For $29.90 per person, you get a two-game combo of bowling and/or Laser Skirmish.

Both packages are more than just a bit of time spent in the alley or darting around a laser battleground however. With each one, you get a pile of snacks to share. You can also purchase extra platters. Pick up a two-hour soft drink package for $8 a head to keep everyone hydrated, or buy drinks off the menu a la carte.

Each package also comes with eight arcade tokens per person to spend however they like on games, lane challenges to create a little extra friendly competition, prizes to celebrate the winners, and a special 200 booster tickets for the birthday boy or girl to redeem in the arcade.

Bowling and laser strike help teens keep fit, reinforce old friendships and help build new ones, and cultivates an interest in this awesome sport. That's three scores for AMF on the teen priorities list!

Stay ahead of the other 1,100,999 teens by booking early online - all you have to do is pick the time and place, and we'll organise the rest. If you have a question, check our Frequently Asked Questions page or try our Live Chat!

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