Where's the best place to find a great deal these school holidays?


All parents are familiar with the old school holiday conundrum - what can you do with the kids that's fun, but isn't just letting them watch TV for hours and doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

It's a question for the ages, but as countless grown ups have discovered so far, AMF Centres certainly fit the bill. Take a look at our school holiday deals to see just how we can keep the young ones entertained and active at a great price.

The original school holiday deal

Our classic deal is a favourite for many reasons. This covers all your basics for the kids to have a giggle-filled day out at the bowling alley, laser arena and in the arcade, as they'll each get two games (bowling and/or laser strike). Plus, each child receives five tokens, shoe hire, and a $5 return pass for next time.This pack will cost you just $19.90 per person, but note that it's only available during the school holidays!

Ramp it up with the extraordinary school holiday deal

Want to take that day out and crank it up a notch? Why not try the extraordinary deal pack?

This time around, the kids will each get shoe hire and two games (again, they can be both bowling, both laser skirmish, or one of each!), but this time they'll get 10 tokens, a meal, the $5 return pass, and a goodie bag to take home! For the meal, they have a choice of a chicken wrap, nuggets or a classic hot dog, each of which comes with a small drink and fries.

Pick up this bargain for $29.90 per person, and remember that this is only on offer during the school break.

Make it a party!

If your child is lucky enough to have a birthday during the school holidays, you could even host their big bash down at your nearest AMF*.

Let us host your next celebration, with a whole heap of activities, your own party host to help make the event run smoothly and a dedicated party room to celebrate in style. With packages to suit any celebration we are sure to make the day one to remember, even after a heap of strikes are bowled on the lanes! Check out our packages and book in for a holiday experience to remember!