What's on at AMF during the school holidays?

Teens enjoying AMF party package

Sure, going outside is probably a healthy thing for your kids to do during the school holidays, but with the summer sunshine comes a higher risk of burning and other sun-related problems (goodness it gets hot!). 

When you want to fill in the time between your kids' beach escapades and bicycle-powered street races, consider taking them for some super fun family activities at AMF Bowling.

To fun, and beyond! 

Each and every AMF Bowling centre is so much more than just bowling, meaning your children will have a range of exciting things to try. On top of that, there are regular specials, deals and competitions for those of you who have signed up to our Roller membership program as well as those who haven't.

Roller members benefit from regular cheap deals, as well as the chance to earn free games. You also get a complementary game on your birthday, so happy birthday in advance!  

As for other specials, during the school holidays you can take advantage of our two-game combo. This lets you beat your kids at bowling, get beaten at Laser Skirmish and then use five tokens for the arcade games ... which your kids will probably beat you at as well. Boy kids these days are good with technology. 

There are even movie deals and other prize packages to be won just by taking an awkward selfie (or not awkward, if you can manage it) and posting it to our social media. One of these prizes is a $5,000 travel voucher. That would make a pretty special school holiday, huh?

So when you need to entertain the kids (or wear them out), pop down to your local AMF Bowling centre and see for yourself why we think it's so fun.