Have fun at AMF these school holidays

Girl about to bowl

It's officially time for the school holidays! Children all over the nation will be rejoicing as school is no longer a concern. Parents may be a little more torn. While school holidays allow you more time to spend with your precious offspring, there's also the potential for children that are grumpy over having nothing to do.

With the rise of technology, many people seem to think that children would prefer to sit at home on their iPads and computers, rather than go out and do something. However, a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that this is actually far from the case. While children love technology, more than half of all Australian children engage in a hobby outside the home.

Parents needn't suffer the inevitable sighs of 'I'm boooooored'. Bring the brood over to an AMF bowling centre for an afternoon of fun, games and food.

Bowling, laser strike and arcade games

When it comes to entertainment, nobody does it better than AMF. We're all about fun, so when you bring your family over for a game of ten pin bowling, laser strike or some rounds in the arcade, you know you've made a good boredom-busting choice.

To make things more interesting for all games, offer up a prize: Losers have to clean the winner's bedroom or do the dishes for a week. Then sit back and watch as the fun begins.


There are a few places you can get both fun and food in one shot. Sure, you could go for a hot dog at the cinema but why settle for less when you can enjoy one of our delicious gourmet meals instead? From burgers to beef sliders to seafood platters, AMF offers a range of delectable treats that'll have both you and your little ones satisfied. Now's also the perfect time to order our new Tri-tato wedges and chips!