Are your kids attending AMF's Bowl Camp?

Teens enjoying AMF party package

No, not boot camp - Bowl Camp

Coming up in the school holidays is our new Bowl Camp Vacation Care Program! This is an exciting kids' activity taking place in some of our AMF Bowling centres that gives kids the opportunity to put down those video games and pick up a bowling ball! Or laser rifle. ...or arcade machine.

What can you expect from Bowl Camp?

Bowl Camp takes place in the school holidays, with a different lesson and exciting activity every day.

"Eww, lessons - that sounds like school!" we hear your children say.

Well not to worry. Bowl Camp isn't about maths or science - it's about having fun, getting active and learning how to bowl. 

The day-to-day

Though each day differs slightly, they all follow a similar pattern:

Starting at 9 a.m., each participant will receive 45 minutes of exciting bowling tips from our friendly staff. This is where your kids learn all the basics about how to hold the ball, as well as tips and tricks for knocking down a strike. This is then followed by an actual game of bowling, so everyone can put to use what they've just learned.

Next is a small break with some muffins and drinks, helping perk energy levels back up for the next activities.

After morning tea we open up the excitement of our Laser Skirmish arenas, where kids battle to the death with laser guns and pure skill! Well, maybe not to the death, but it's still a lot of fun and gets everyone running about screaming.

When everyone is finished shooting each other with lasers, around 11:10 a.m., it's arcade time! We have loads of great arcade machines in our AMF Bowling centres, and we're turning them over to your kids for just under an hour to wind them down after a day of healthy, active fun.

Want to book your little ones into Bowl Camp? Call 1300 268 067 now or fill in the form here!