An EOFY party the perfect stress reliever for your team


The words 'party' and 'office' don't usually mix very well. In the corporate environment, a 'party' might include a few quiet drinks on a Friday night in the boardroom, surrounded by meeting agendas and spreadsheets.

However, with the end of the financial year drawing close, you might need to redefine your definition of 'party'. Forget boring nights in the office and lame card games and get ready for fun, laughs and maybe even the odd strike.

So, if your business doesn't have plans this EOFY - hold the phone - the team at AMF Bowling are here to help.

Relieve the pent-up stress

There is no doubt stress plays a role in the everyday lives of workers across the country. This said, there are certain times of the year when this can peak, with one being the end of the financial year. In the rush to submit tax returns and produce various financial reports, some employees can put in long hours - impacting their mental health.

Additionally, EOFY can be seen as the conclusion of the business year. While it's not December 31, business leaders could consider this period the time when they assess goals and set new targets for the future. This combination of stress and out with the old calls for a party!

What does AMF Bowling have to offer?

Businesses that don't have a set social club or events can struggle to get people out on a Friday night. As such, it can take something like an organised party at AMF Bowling to draw them in and improve the overall company culture.

Think about this. During a party at AMF, your team can engage in anything from bowling to laser tag - with a little bit of eating and drinking on the side. There's no formal senior management, no accounting team, no (formal) hierarchy - everyone can socialise, destress and just have a good time.

We have a number of corporate event packages with excellent discounts on activities, food and drinks, which can work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. It's our job to make your EOFY as stress-free and fun as possible so let us take care of you!

Stress exists everywhere - except AMF Bowling when you win at laser tag - so ensure you give your team the chance to wind down, regroup and start the new financial year in style!

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