Casually hanging out with a cricket star!

cricket bowling gurinder sandu

When I was a small child my idol was David Bowie. He was a music god like no other and if I had had the opportunity back then to spend the day with him I am very certain my tiny little head would have exploded! This was the experience that some of our lucky competition winners (and myself) had at AMF North Strathfield on last weekend. Unless you have been hiding under a rock you would have seen we ran a competition to “bowl with a cricket star” and kept it very hush hush on who the star would be.

That star was the fun loving joker, Gurinder Sandu. Our new favourite cricket star! Once he arrived at our “secret location” we quickly ushered him into the reserved section so he could greet the winners on arrival.

1 by 1 our grinning winners began to arrive… I got the great pleasure of leading our excitable guest to meet their idol. I asked one little girl if she was excited to meet the player to which she burst out “please let it be Sandu!” Suddenly I was catapulted back to 6 year old me waiting to find out whether I had won a competition to meet David Bowie. I did not win and I was devastated but this little girl did win though and we got to give her an experience of a lifetime. In the coming minutes she was going to meet her idol and I was lucky enough to share that special moment with her. As we walked over to the reserved area where Gurinder was waiting, I watched her face change from anticipation to pure excitement. She ran over to him and confessed “I really wanted it to be you” her eyes glowing up at him!

After all the selfies had been taken – there were a few (don’t worry I got some too), the winners got down to some serious play! The baby of the group was put on a lane with his cricketing hero and really showed him how bowling should be done! He belted it down the lane in every frame smashing down the pins, bowl after bowl showing Gurinder how it’s done and he loved it!

Once the bowling fun was over, the yummy food platters were brought out. The kids loved their chicken nuggets while Gurinder took charge of the wedges – YUM! We always suggest re-fuelling to make the most of your day with us!

Once the food had settled we split into two teams to battle it out in the laser tag arena which was located in the arcade games section of the centre. It was a great way to finish up an afternoon of fun. Chasing round the arena, PEW – PEW – PEW, Gurinder’s height made him an easy target for our little admirers. After a challenging battle unfortunately Gurinder’s team lost. He may be good at cricket but his laser skills need a bit of practice!

All in all the day was an amazing success! In fact, the little girl was so inspired by her day with Gurinder that she has asked her mum if she could sign up to cricket and now also wants to follow the WBBL next year too. The families were very happy as they waved goodbye. So at the end of the day, the winners win, woman’s cricket wins, Sydney Thunder wins and Gurinder loses (bowling and laser tag - but who is counting?!) and I may not have got to meet David Bowie but hey I bowled, lasered and ate with Gurinder!