Why host a kids Birthday Party at AMF

bday party

While most of us adults would rather everyone forget about us turning another year older, birthdays as a child are all about pure joy. The presents, the birthday cake, the games, the friends - excitement levels are bound to be through the roof.

If you have a little one with an upcoming birthday (you've probably been reminded once or twice), why not do something a little bit different? By hosting a party at AMF Bowling, your child can be the talk of the classroom and set the bar high among other parents. Check out what we can offer!

Range of packages to suit your budget

We know that every family has their own budget as to how big a birthday can be. To support this, we have no less than five packages available for you to choose from. We've outlined each below:

  • One Game Package - Access to either the bowling lanes or laser tag area + five arcade tokens.
  • Two Game Package - As above, but an additional game of either bowling or laser tag.
  • Arcade Package - Up to two hours of fun in the arcade as well as other bonuses.
  • Ultimate Package - Two games of either bowling or laser + 10 arcade tokens and a Mega Show Bag.
  • Superdooper Package - Two games of either bowling or laser + 20 arcade tokens and a Mega Show Bag. We'll also include chips, lollies and a Pepsi Freeze to keep everyone going!

Party management - at your service

Organising a party, both before and during can be pretty stressful. As such, every birthday party at AMF Bowling gets its own host to keep everything running smoothly. Whether this is making sure the meal platters go out on time, the prizes are handed out or the group is behaving itself, you'll be able to enjoy spending time with your birthday child.

In fact, this organising starts before the first strike is bowled - we can design personalised party invites for you to send out to the guests. One less thing to have on your to-do list.

There is no doubt that birthday parties will be loud, fast and exciting. Instead of having this energy in the sanctuary of your own home, let the kids celebrate at AMF Bowling - we'll even tidy up afterwards!