Becoming the ultimate Kung-Fu Master

kung fu panda  dojo mojo dreamworks animation

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”

And the present for you is an addictive, highly interactive videmption game, based on (one of my favourite) DreamWorks Animations Kung-Fu Panda.

You follow Po as he strives to become the ultimate Kung Fu Master by hitting targets in front of him. Similar style of gameplay as fruit ninja or DDR you hit the pads to the left and right of you as you smash the targets – avoiding the bombs as these reduce your scores.

You run through three levels to reach the high score to win 1000 redemption points. The last level, in Po style of course, how many dumplings can you eat – grabbing them for Po using the hit pads.

Easy hey… well that’s what I thought before I left with sore arms and red eyes!

You start the first level in the dojo, smashing various items needing to hit 15 within 20 seconds. My Kung-Fu skills were no match for this with me walking away with time points for my lightning fast “FISTS OF AWESOMENESS”.

Round 2; with fireballs on my fists I had 25 targets to break within 15 seconds… piece of dumpling! POW, CRACK, SKADOOSH, POW, SHA-SHA… pieces litter the floor beneath me and again my “FISTS OF AWESOMENESS” smash through the level with +3 seconds for timing! Bow to the Dragon warrior of the Dojo Mojo…

Shifu Showdown; I needed 30 dumplings in 20 seconds for the ultimate 1000 redemption points. Cracking fingers, wiping my brow I braced myself for the dumpling attack. SWOOSH, GULP, DASH… 5 more to go and 4.3 seconds to go GULP, CHOMP, SWOOSH-GRAB..OMP! Dumpling Master Kung-Fu Dragon warrior in your midst.

In all serious though this game is thoroughly addictive fun and if you love Kung-Fu Panda as much as I do this game is definitely one for you.